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Here, you'll find a curated collection of my public speaking engagements, including presentations, webinars, podcasts, keynotes, and interviews. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, insights, and experiences with diverse audiences, and these opportunities have allowed me to connect with people from all walks of life.

public speaking

Network Resilience Bootcamp
Tia Hopkins Keynote

Texas Cyber Summit - Ghost in the Machine
Tia Hopkins Keynote

EQ: The Not So Soft Skill
Tia Hopkins Keynote

TechSales Advice
Interview with Chris White

PreSales Collective
PreSales Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

PreSales Collective
Why Inclusivity Matter for Closing Business


Ron and Chris host a mastermind conversation with Tia Hopkins, Charles Nwatu, AJ Yawn, and Kelvin Coleman. In this special conversation, we discuss ExIST, a framework to promote excellence in the pursuit of human endeavors like hobbies, careers, and finding purpose.

Tia is no stranger to security leaders asking her for advice. In this Office Hours episode, she answers some of the most common questions security leaders have.

Tia discusses how to overcome impostor syndrome as you progress in your career, how to connect with your team as a leader, and how to set them up for success so well that others want to join your team.

Tia has an insightful and engaging coversation with  Sanila Samuel about Tia's influences growing up, her passion for all things tech and what drives her to keep going and growing.

Tia joins Vanessa Vining, CEO of The Cultural Effect, to discuss how marketing and advertising cross paths with cybersecurity.

Tia joins Nathan Chung to discuss how neurodiversity has impacted her career journey.


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