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"Representation is a key component in solving for the lack of diverse candidates in the cybersecurity talent pipeline."



Tia Hopkins is a seasoned cybersecurity professional committed to building the cybersecurity talent pipeline by promoting diversity through empowerment, education, and mentorship. 

"I am a firm believer in radical transparency. I want others to have visibility into and feel empowered by my successes, my failures, and my lessons learned. We are exactly who we think we are, and we can achieve whatever we believe we can achieve. I want my story to give other women (and cybersecurity professionals in general) of color the confidence that they can stand strong, overcome obstacles, and achieve greatness."


Since beginning her journey as a mentor and educator, Tia has created quite the buzz throughout the community. Take a look at some recent headlines.

Move the Dial.jpg


Active involvement in the community has always been important to Tia. Her mission is to have a positive and lasting impact on as many lives as possible by sharing her story and experiences.

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